Welcome to the mobile game you always wished had existed. Bug Rope teaches players something while they play, with the focus being on fun! It now has over 100,000 downloads on Google Play alone!

Why Play Bug Rope?

Avoid the pitfalls of all the free games out there sucking up all your data and forcing you to pay indirectly! Play now with:
- No ADs and no in-app purchases!
- No permission requests. I don't need access to anything.
- The interface is so simple and fun that your four year old can play it.
- 2 games in one!
- Tiny download: Only around 4MB!
- No internet connect? No problem. Play offline without any restrictions.
- Child appropriate themes and concepts for all ages. Not only that your little ones will learn something playing this.
- And the best part? It's great fun that will keep your kids occupied while you need a break!

Get it on Google Play.
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